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Preventive Maintenance Program...

Greetings Valued Customers!

It’s that time again, to plan for the upcoming 2022 irrigation season! 


RMI is rolling out a Preventive Maintenance Program and we would like to share with our valued customers. This program will not only save you money through the year, it will give your irrigation system the love it is looking for.  For more information, click on the .pdf's below detailing the Preventive Maintenance Program. 

4 Easy Steps!

  1. Fill out personal information.

  2. Choose one of the four program options (program 1 – 4) – see .pdf's below.

  3. Note any special scheduling requests – if no requests are made, your services will be scheduled within the parameters listed below (see important scheduling info). 

  4. Two ways to start the program:

    1. You can mail your contract along with your program selection, along with your payment information to:

Rocky Mountain Irrigation

19022 N. Madison

Spring Hill, KS 66083

2. OR you can print the .pdf, complete it, scan it and email it to . 

DISCOUNT: Pay for the entire year up front before February 28, 2022 and receive a 3% discount!

You can conveniently pay for your program via our secure online payment option. There is a 3% fee for credit processing. PAY HERE.

Important Scheduling Info: 

  • Spring Turn-On services will begin early March 2022 and finish a majority by the end of May 2022. 

  • We will start by participating in neighborhoods in order to get everyone turned on expeditiously. Note: if you have special scheduling requests, please note that in the appropriate space on the attached personal information form. 

  • We will contact you in advance to schedule your appointment.  We must have clear access to your controller panel, front and back yard, so we will need confirmation to access your property.  We will not assume access has been granted. 

  • RMI loves pets, however, they do not always love us, please make sure they are put up, so we can do our work safely. 


New Referral Rewards Program

✓ Refer a friend for two or more services- eligible for a $25.00 Visa Credit Gift card when we have confirmed $100.00 or more in services for them. (No limit on referrals)

✓ Refer a friend for an irrigation install - eligible for a $50.00 Visa Credit Gift card when we have confirmed the install for them. (No limit on referrals)

RMI is here to answer any questions or concerns you may have and we sincerely appreciate your business and welcome any comments on improving our communication and services. 



Rocky Mountain Irrigation, LLC

Please download the Preventive Maintenance Program and Contract.

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